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The documents of Vatican II state that Evangelization – bringing all people to Christ – is the primary objective of the Catholic Church. Vatican II urged that all means of modern communications be used to achieve this purpose. Pope Paul VI has pointed out that before we engage in Evangelization, we must first become involved in Pre- Evangelization. We must attempt to sweep away the “cobwebs of misunderstanding” surrounding the image of the Catholic Church in the minds of many people. Only then, will these persons be able to see the beauty and feel the warmth of the Catholic Faith.

The Vatican II Council also promoted the concept of Ecumenism by urging Catholics to work with persons of good will of other faiths in bringing Christ’s Gospel message to the world.

The Bishops also urged Catholics to learn as much as possible about the teachings of their church. Thus, among many other ideas, Vatican II urged Education, Evangelization, and Ecumenism upon the Catholic faithful.

Company Profile
Since 1987, James F. Walsh, Jr. and Dr. Richard Shriver have been helping to implement the directives of Vatican II with an on-going series of radio programs called “We Believe.” These 30-minute programs about the basic teachings of the Catholic Faith are an effort in Pre-Evangelization. They are friendly discussions designed to help clear up many of the misunderstandings that have for so long separated Catholics and Protestants.

“We Believe” is indeed Catholic Evangelization looking toward Christian unity. These lively discussions serve as a refreshing review of the basic teaching of the Catholic Faith.

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